A Guide to Buying Medical Cannabis Online

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Everything is available online these days, and that includes medical products. Even though it means more convenience from the customer perspective, it also means poor regulation, especially for stuff that has just recently got legalized, like marijuana derivative products, for example. The government can no longer guarantee the quality of all items circulated in the trade. And the responsibility of being able to identify which goods are legit and which ones are not belongs to the buyers now. 

Now, prepare your notes because you’re going to learn how to buy medical marijuana products safely from the Internet. 

Go to Review Sites

online paymentReading reviews from people who have experience in purchasing cannabis products will surely give you new perspectives on the real thing that you are dealing with. As mentioned above, cannabis has just recently entered the e-commerce business. And aside from their potential legal issues, you may also deal with counterfeit goods that contain nothing as written on the label. 

Potguide, Medical Jane, Ganjapreneur, and Leafly are several sites that you will need to visit before making a purchase. As for forums, you may want to check Grasscity Forum, THC Farmer Community, and Cannabis Culture. The users there are helpful enough to share useful information regarding product qualities. 

Check the Packaging

cannabis in pillsThis step may sound unreasonable because you can only check the packaging once you receive the item. However, you can actually make an inquiry email regarding the exact packaging method used by the store. From their answer, you can investigate further and see if they only use high quality custom packaging for concentrate and weed. Extracts are delicate. If there are leaks on the bottle, the quality can be tainted. Not only will the tainted product wastes your money, but it can also be potentially harmful for consumption. 

Review the Shipment Terms

The goods sent from the store may be in flawless condition, but once they arrive at your hands, they may be in bad shape. And for this case, you must review the store’s return or refund rules regarding defective goods. Avoid transacting with stores that don’t have guarantees. They may look cheap at first, but considering the risks, you’ll realize how the terms are not for your benefit. 

Buy in Small Quantity First

hemp budsYour trust should build up gradually. Even if you are buying from a well-reviewed dispensary, your experience may be different from those who gave the vendor good reviews. Therefore, eliminate the risk of being ripped off by making your purchase small at first. If you plan to be a returning customer, note your experience in detail and document it. Photos of the goods, receipts, and screenshots of your chats should be included there and kept in one folder. 

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