Liver and Kidney Failure – Symptoms to Know if You Take Jack3d or OxyElite Pro

Since news broke last December that the U.S. Army was stopping sales of DMAA containing supplements such as OxyElite Pro and Jack3d on Army bases, there has been concern over the safety of these supplements. While there are a variety of concerns, we are going to examine two such concerns in this blog post. Namely, we will review concerns about liver failure and kidney failure. Liver Failure Jack3d and Liver Failure OxyElite Pro If liver failure were to occur after taking Jack3d or OxyElite Pro, a patient might experience jaundice, fatigue, a swollen abdomen, confusion, nausea and other symptoms. Liver failure that is not promptly treated can cause a patient to go into a coma and may be fatal. Kidney Failure Jack3d and Kidney Failure OxyElite Pro Symptoms of kidney failure may include bloody stools, swelling, changes in urination, pain and other complications. Like liver failure, kidney failure may be fatal if it is not promptly treated. If you have taken OxyElite Pro or Jack3d then please talk to your doctor about the warnings signs of liver and kidney failure and when you should get immediate medical treatment.
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