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Three Sports You Must Try in 2019

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A new year has come, and health improvement must be on your list of 2019’s resolution because there are many benefits of it. A nutritious diet, regular workouts, and a healthy lifestyle are the three components of a happy life. And in this chance, we will discuss three sports you must try this year. They have cooperative aspects and exciting challenges, which are some features that can help you to achieve a better you.


a female tennis athleteThis sport is not new. In fact, its concept has a long history that dates back as far as the 12th-century French. However, tennis is on our list because its benefits are plenty, and it will never run out of thrill. You need exceptional agility and quick eyes to respond to the incoming shot from your opponent. Your motor skills need to be precise and accurate. Otherwise, you may generate a hitting force that is either too weak or powerful, and it causes the shot to be a foul.

If you have never played tennis before, you can join a coaching class or hire a personal trainer. Even though you have no intention to join the professional competitions, you need to learn the sport properly. If you do so, you can minimize your chances of experiencing injuries and wasting your money on improper equipment. For example, many beginners often falsely think that high-priced strings are the best tennis strings. However, the thickness and the material types are the two factors that matter the most. The price, of course, correlates with the quality, yet to consider it as the only variable to think of will be unwise.

Chase Tag Game

a basic parkour moveThe first thing that may have popped up on your mind when you read the word, “Chase tag,” is perhaps your childhood memory. It is true that chase tag game used to be child game only. However, Christian and Damien Devaux brought the game to a whole different level with inventing the game World Chase Tag (WCT).

WCT combines parkour with obstacle race. The rule is the same as the traditional chase tag, but with the intensity of athletics. Moreover, you will play the game in a team, which makes it more competitive and challenging. You and your team members must design a strategy that will be effective to counteract your opponent’s move. Chase tag has become a game that exercises both mind and body.

This competition runs internationally. If you participate, you will have the chances to meet athletes from across the globe. You can make new friends and stay fit at the same time. Visit for further info!


Bossaball will put your mettle and cooperative ability to the test. This game is like a volleyball, but with trampolines. The players must be able to use all parts of their body to deliver the shots to the opposing team.

This game has the maximum fun because it often takes place on a beach. You can compete while enjoying the breeze from the sea and the refreshing air of the coast.

What does your Pre-workout Formula Comprise of

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Today, a good number of workout programs require one to supplement it with special food nutrients. The ingredients within this carefully pre-mixed workout supplements boost the persons focus, energy, nutrient delivery and augment fuel. For more information on supplements, You can read their round-up here. Here are five top pre-workout nutrients that are highly touted for the benefits they offer.



Studies have been conducted on the potency of caffeine and the results are impressive. Caffeine stimulates the body central nervous system, resulting in focus and alertness. This decreases the perception of how hard one is working. In addition, caffeine increases the body metabolism slightly. This enhances endurance and spares carbohydrates. Studies also reveal a rise in strength levels after consuming caffeine. A single dose delivers 100 to 200 mg, roughly two coffee cups.


Creatine translates to increased power, strength and muscular size. It is highly recommended for athletes who are undergoing vigorous workout training programs. It is great for your muscular creatine buildup and workout exercises. Studies on athletes using creatine show that the users realize an increase in the size of muscle fibers. In addition, their gym input is enhanced as they can do more squat or bench press exercises. Accumulation of muscular creatine takes place every 4 days as long as you maintain a daily dosage of 5g. Afterwards, you should keep your creatine levels elevated by a regular maintenance dose. A pre-workout formula requires a mild dose of 3-5g. This should also be maintained on days that you are not going for a workout. The aim is to maintain muscular saturation as you await your next workout.


Known for its delay in muscular fatigue, beta alanine supplements increase the muscular level of carnosine. Carnosine is a buffer within your cells that fight off fatigue that kicks in during high-intensity exercises. Studies conducted on training athletes reveal that beta-alanine can increase the training session by 20 percent. The effect of consuming beta-alanine and creatine just before your workout is the increase in the level of blood that augers well with increased blood flow during the workout.

The quick muscular nourishment promotes the individuals overall delivery while at the gym or workout session. Just like creatine, the body muscles increase within days or weeks. Therefore, ensure that your ingestion time is strategic. The recommended dosage ranges from 3.2g to 6.4g. Pre-workouts drinks are 1.6g. To elevate your muscular carnosine levels, take another dose during the day.


Remains among the key nutrients present in a growing number of product segments which offer vasodilation during exercises. As an essential amino acid, this compound is known for its synthesis of nitric oxide. On release, the nitric oxide brings about a dilation of your blood vessels. Blood vessels work great translating into increased circulation. Most studies reveal blood vessel functions that supplement L-arginine in impaired vascular function. The positive effects on healthy athletes remain unclear.


workoutResearch proves that the pre-exercise workout is great for endurance and strength. You do not need a lot of it; around 10-20g who are on whey protein with 30 to 60 minutes of workout that increase the level of protein synthesis. This delivers building blocks to amino acids.

Factors to consider before buying protein supplements

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Protein supplements are mostly used by people who are into bodybuilding or fitness. They help the body to heal or build up muscles faster than it normally would. There are many different types of protein supplements available in the market. It is important that you get the right one for you depending on your current condition and what results you wish to achieve. You will have to consider a variety of factors to help you make the right choice. Some of those considerations to make are highlighted below.

Top factors to consider

Type of protein supplement

There are many different types of protein supplements available. The most popular type is whey protein, which is derived from milk. Your other options include whey concentrate, whey isolate, whey hydrolysate, casein, and protein blends. The differences in the supplements make them suitable for various purposes. For example, whey hydrolysate usually comes digested partially, meaning that it can be digested fast. It is, therefore, the best choice for a post-workout supplement. You can check out Fitness Informant to find out the most convenient type with regards to your needs and goals.


There are many forms of marketing used by the manufacturers of the protein supplements. You will see exaggerated claims and various incentives which may make some brands more attractive. You should not fall for such unless you prove that the claims are real. Forget about the flashy marketing phrases and choose a brand which is well-known for high quality and effectiveness.


dollar billsCost is another factor which you need to consider when buying the protein supplements. Your budget will greatly influence your choice. You need to consider the gains which you will get as opposed to the price tag on the product. Whey protein, for example, is usually the most expensive option, but it is worth the money. This is because it contains more proteins in each gram of the powder compared to the other options. You should also consider purchasing in bulk to save some money.

Fitness goal

Your main goal for working out can help you narrow down on your options. If you aim to gain muscles and weight, for example, you should choose the protein powders which have high amounts of calories in them. If the goal is fat loss, you should opt for the 100% protein supplements or those which contain only trace amounts of other ingredients.