How to Buy a Ping-Pong Table

ping pong table

Ping pong is an interesting and addictive game. If you are a fan, you will at some point want to purchase a ping pong table. You might be wanting to buy one for your family or to refine your skills. If you are doing it for the first time, this article will guide you on how to buy a table which meets all your needs. There are many models of ping pong tables in the market today making it difficult for first-time buyers to make the right decision. Your skill level, finances and the person who will be using the table determines the model you are going to buy. Below are factors to consider when buying a ping pong table.

Family Use

If you are buying the table for family use, do not go for the most expensive. This is because new users might be rough on it. Do not be surprised to find it scratched within the first day. This is very common among beginners. Within no time, they will have learned the skills and only the interested ones will be playing the game. After you note the distinction, you can now invest in a better model.


Do you have a permanent spot where you will have the table set up, or you will be setting it up every time you want to use it? A portable table is easy to take down after you are done playing. Search for a portable table which can be set up and brought down by a single person. It must have good rollers for smooth movement. You will be better off; if you get the designs with brakes, they will help you put the table to stop when in storage.

Tabletop Thickness

This is another vital consideration. For serious players, a 1” thickness is the best choice. ¾ inch thickness is the best for family use. Serious players need the perfect bounce, and the 1” choice gives a more dependable bounce. Thicker tables are more expensive but why not get it if you can afford. But, it is not worth it if you are buying it for family use and they are not serious players.

Table Legs

The table legs should be able to support the table firmly. Sturdiness is an important feature of a ping pong table. Price increases with the level of sturdiness. Before paying for the table look for legs and supports within the price range. If you are buying a table for family use, make sure that the legs are very strong for it to stand the numerous setups and takedowns. The supports will help you level your table, especially on uneven floors.