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Three Sports You Must Try in 2019

a man improving himself

A new year has come, and health improvement must be on your list of 2019’s resolution because there are many benefits of it. A nutritious diet, regular workouts, and a healthy lifestyle are the three components of a happy life. And in this chance, we will discuss three sports you must try this year. They have cooperative aspects and exciting challenges, which are some features that can help you to achieve a better you.


a female tennis athleteThis sport is not new. In fact, its concept has a long history that dates back as far as the 12th-century French. However, tennis is on our list because its benefits are plenty, and it will never run out of thrill. You need exceptional agility and quick eyes to respond to the incoming shot from your opponent. Your motor skills need to be precise and accurate. Otherwise, you may generate a hitting force that is either too weak or powerful, and it causes the shot to be a foul.

If you have never played tennis before, you can join a coaching class or hire a personal trainer. Even though you have no intention to join the professional competitions, you need to learn the sport properly. If you do so, you can minimize your chances of experiencing injuries and wasting your money on improper equipment. For example, many beginners often falsely think that high-priced strings are the best tennis strings. However, the thickness and the material types are the two factors that matter the most. The price, of course, correlates with the quality, yet to consider it as the only variable to think of will be unwise.

Chase Tag Game

a basic parkour moveThe first thing that may have popped up on your mind when you read the word, “Chase tag,” is perhaps your childhood memory. It is true that chase tag game used to be child game only. However, Christian and Damien Devaux brought the game to a whole different level with inventing the game World Chase Tag (WCT).

WCT combines parkour with obstacle race. The rule is the same as the traditional chase tag, but with the intensity of athletics. Moreover, you will play the game in a team, which makes it more competitive and challenging. You and your team members must design a strategy that will be effective to counteract your opponent’s move. Chase tag has become a game that exercises both mind and body.

This competition runs internationally. If you participate, you will have the chances to meet athletes from across the globe. You can make new friends and stay fit at the same time. Visit Worldchasetag.com for further info!


Bossaball will put your mettle and cooperative ability to the test. This game is like a volleyball, but with trampolines. The players must be able to use all parts of their body to deliver the shots to the opposing team.

This game has the maximum fun because it often takes place on a beach. You can compete while enjoying the breeze from the sea and the refreshing air of the coast.