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Ways to Consume Magic Mushrooms Effectively

magic mushroom

If you are new to the magic mushroom world, you should know the different ways of consuming them to choose your preferred method. You have a wide range of methods to consume magic mushroom and get the best out of it. It all depends on your preference. Gomicromagic sells shrooms that you can consider trying. Here are some of the ways you can consume magic mushrooms.

Eating Whole

You can take your shrooms the old-fashioned way. Chew them very well to give your stomach an easy time breaking down the shrooms. You can chase the taste with a drink of your choicepacked magic mushroom

Taking Shroom Tea

The other method is making tea with dried-up magic mushrooms. Heat the water to boil, then add your shrooms. Wait for about an hour for the mushrooms to sink to the bottom. Do not boil for mushrooms for more than one hour, as this may severely lower its potency. Pour the shrooms and the liquid in a jar, cover the lid and shake it to allow the shrooms to sink faster. Stir the tea, and soon after, take it. You could also consider breaking up dry mushrooms into powder for the caps and stems to sink faster. Drink your tea with all the shrooms. This will bring you to the trip faster but may not be as intense as overall.

Taking Shroom Juice

If you are looking to mask the taste, then this is the best method for you. Crush the magic mushrooms while inside a bag. Make your preferred smoothie, add shrooms, and blend to mix well. Alternatively, you can get your best juice, add the shroom and shake it up to mix well. Your body will absorb this liquid faster, and you will get the results much quicker.magic mushroom in drink

Consuming Lime Juice Shroom Shots

You can add lime juice to shrooms smashed into powder and let the concoction rest half an hour or one hour while stirring occasionally. The citric acid in the lemon will breakdown the psilocybin in the magic mushroom into psilocin. The body does this if shrooms are digested naturally. Take the shot with all the leftover contents of the shroom. This method can bring you to peak faster and also intensifies your trip according to most users.

These are the main ways in which you can consume magic mushrooms. If you are new to magic mushrooms, choose one method that goes down well with you. It all depends on your preference you want the results.